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Partner up with us, and we guaranty you that within 12 months, you have a professional, recognized Danish Brand with a high brand value, thousands of followers on social media, and a professional story and DNA, created by our story tellers and designers. Did I mention, that a fresh new Danish company with all registrations, directors, bank account and go to market plan will be created according to your business?

The world is getting smaller and smaller. What happened just 10 years ago were totally different from today.

If a European web customers purchases on the internet from fex Alibaba, the goods arrives very fast, very cheap and very efficient. Imagine, if you were a recognized brand!!! You would sell more products than today, and to a price much much higher, than what you are used to.


Its the same in China. The customers understands the value of a good brand. They check everything on social medias, Wechat, Facebook, Instagram etc. Even these pages are not official in China, any brand is recognized and well known amongst the Chinese customers. Thats why, when a foreign brand starts selling their brand in China, very often, they are successfull.



Fill in the application form, and you will be contacted by one of our senior partners, to understand your company and needs.




It sounds difficult, but we will ensure to bring you to the level of brand, where you belong. We have done it many times, this is what we do!!

Deside what is your brand goal


In the beginning, we will ask you questions about your present company in China, and we will reccomend which packet to choose.



What is your goal?













Becomming a real brand


A Brand is like a baby. You need to feed, care and give lots of love. We will make the branding in Denmark, exactly as a Danish professional brand would do. Only difference is, that its your brand, your proferty and your decission which direction your journey will take. We know how to do it. We promise to make it happen.....

How can you achieve it?

The most important matter in the process is to determine exactly what you want your brand become. This we will decide in corporation with you.

how can we help?

Imagine, that you have a succes brand, which your customers just love. Think about how difficult it is to make a professional brand, where you decide who you sell to, and to which prices. What if you in 6-12 month owned a professional Danish Brand setup, which you controlled 100%?




Normally, it take a big load of luck, a lot of money and hard work to create a professional international recognized Brand.. Danish brands are no exception, but honestly its more easy for a Danish brand to achieve succes. Design Connect helps existing manufactores from Mainland China to build up a small, but professional division in Denmark, 100% owned by you, but with all aspects of a professional brand.




Please read about our different posibilities in our Packages to help you become a professional Danish brand, so that you have many more posibilites in China and for export.

Imagine that you have a nice company in China which you are very proud of, and you have worked a long time to achieve the name as you have today.

What if I told you, that you actually have very good posibility to get much higher prices and bigger demand of your products inside China, as well as export.



Well, its not very easy suddenly be able to achieve a higher price for the same product, but we guarantee you, that after max 12 months you will find, that your products are more wanted, and you can charge a much higher selling price as you are not just a producer, you are a real brand, so the demand of your products will increase and so will your selling prices. Maybe the customers in China are not exactly the same as you allready have, but you will for sure have a much more interesting demand on your products and you will appear more international with higher profit margins and much more turnover as result.


The big secret is to make you DANISH, and appear as a Danish brand. Many of the worlds largest and most successfull brands actually are born in Denmark. Denmark and Scandinavia is worldfamous for all the brand which has been created in Denmark. Take for Example, Bestseller, with 6000 stores in China alone (vero Moda, Jack&Jones, Only, Pieces), Which are selling Scandinavian design, at Scandinavian prices, made in China, to the Chinese people.


Also the biggest jewellery brand in the World, PANDORA is Danish. They can sell danish produced goods, made in China at very high prices to the Chinese consumer.


The list is endless, and it all comes down to the fact, that they have created a Danish story and brand.




Design Connect do the same, we do it for you, and we guaranty you, that you will be able to get much higher sales prices and much bigger demand, once we have turned you into a danish brand. We have done it for a big number of Chinese factories, who were tired of only trying to compeat on price and quality. Actually all experienced, that after they had chosen one of our packets, they managed to get much better interest for their (Danish) brand, and suddenly, they had to refuse business in China for some customers, because now they could actually choose.

In average, they increased their selling price level with more than 180 % and many of these manufactores actually are behind very interesting brands, which everybody think is pure Danish, but actually the brands are 100% owned by Chinese via us in Denmark.


Lately, many wellknown Danish brands has been taken over by Chinese investors. Fex, Skagen Wathes, Georg Jensen, B&O, Dynaudio, An Ounce, Kaleido Technologies, etc has been bought by Chinese companies or investors for Billions of Rmb. Reason for this is because the Chinese investors knows, that Danish Brands are famous worldwide, and they wish benefit for the Growth of these brands both in China and outside.


A very economical way is to let you turn your brand into a Danish Company. No matter what your production line is, it is the same factors which ensures your success. We have helped companies in China who produces a big variaty of products,

- Fashion, garments, shoes, accessories, Jewellery

- bicycles, segboards, electronics

- hardware, interieur, furniture, lamps, porcelains etc

- food, milk powder, vitamin bars, etc





Design Connect

Your Danish partner in branding

Design Connect is your partner in creating a Danish brand, which will help you to achieve a far higher price for your products in China. All cases are different, therefore we have created different packages for you.

Choose the right packet, according to your wishes, goals and needs. We help you to do the strategy, of the brand. We to do the Danish registred company, the bank account, which you controle. We do everything you will need to open and run a professional Danish company.. Only thing you have to do, is to feed us with your product line, and we will make you famous. The Danish company will be 100% your property and owned by you.

We have numerous succes stories which we would like to share. Our customers who today are successfull brands in China has experienced far higher margins and profit after the Danish brand has been made.


Martin Larsen

Ceo of Design Connect



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